identity & brand : Education, Inc.


Whether they’re sick, injured, suffering from a behavioral disorder, or recovering from a substance abuse problem, every child has a right to an education. This is where Education, Inc. comes in.

Though quite complex, the focus of our creative brief was to create a mark that was inclusive of a very varied audience (hospital c-levels, school districts, families, and medical personel), while also communicating that ei is a program that fits within a very specific environment and is focused on the student.

 The ei bug is representative of that one point of interaction : this interaction changes whether it is the student and the teacher, the teacher and the medical staff, the parent and the teacher or the school district and ei. While ei has a very varied audience, it's impact is focused on the student within a diverse and unique set of environments.

ei serves as the point of connection for patients — connecting them to education during their time at medical or behavioral treatment facilities. The identity begins to showcase this and then the brand builds upon this.

The brand is meant to have a very corporate 'feel' while also showcasing that it is about children and teens in unique environments.


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