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website design : Anna Maria College


Anna Maria College came to us with the challenge of redesigning their main website, while also giving the college a sense of 'identity'. Their existing site did not showcase AMC as a memorable or unique brand within higher education.

The main goal of the project was to attract more of the ‘right’ students and build enrollment while highlighting the components of an education and life at Anna Maria College.

By creating clear pathways for website visitors to explore what is of interest to them specifically, these pathways also serve to broaden their view of the college, showing components they are surprised by or interested in that they were unaware of.

The design positions AMC as the college to attend for unique signature programs that are career focused and professionally oriented (focus on fire sciences, nursing, paramedic science, forensic criminology, health and community services, music therapy).

Throughout you will see the design choices reinforce that the AMC experience builds students’ confidence and creates leaders.


Art Direction : Cristy Vallee
Design : Kathryn Dziurzynski + Cristy Vallee
Development : AMC IT



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